Minutes 5 January


PRESENT; Cllrs D Whitehouse, B Williams, A White, P Baildon, J Gray and clerk G Simpson.  Also, County Cllr G Cullen.

Public Session.

No session scheduled due to the time limit of 40 minutes for the meeting to be completed and no questions had been previously received.

20/045] Chairman’s welcome.

The Chairman opened the meeting thanking all for their prompt attendance.

20/046] Apologies.

Apologies had been received from District Cllr S Harrison who had another meeting scheduled for the same time, but asked to be contacted if her input was required.

20/047] Declaration of Interests and applications for dispensation in relation to DPIs.


20/048] Notes of the meeting held on 3 November 2020 to be approved as minutes.

It was proposed, seconded and resolved to accept the presented notes as the minutes of the previous meeting, signed by the Chairman Cllr Whitehouse. 

20/049] Clerk’s report on matters outstanding.

The clerk reported all payments approved at the last meeting had been made plus a payment to LALC for online councillor training for Cllr Gray which had to be paid up front.  All planning comments had been submitted as requested and Mr Hill-Andrews had agreed to take on the position of Internal Auditor for the Parish Council.  The precept form and tax base for 2021/22 had arrived on New Year’s Eve.  The emails regarding the speed limit issues on Strubby Road had been forwarded again to Cllr Cullen as requested.  An update from ELDC regarding the footway light (No 20) on the corner near the old service station which was knocked down indicates it was removed and made safe by LCC.  ELDC are investigating why LCC became involved and waiting on more background information from them before arranging a site meeting to discuss possible relocation of the pole to a safer position.

20/050] Chairman’s report.

The Chairman thanked Cllr White for his continued efforts in keeping the field entrance site as clean as possible.  At Hodgetoft Lane the noticeboard has been cleaned and the briars cut back as required.  Also, the bin in the churchyard had been emptied as requested and he thanked Mr Aldrich for his continued good work.

20/051] Financial Matters.

The finance report and bank reconciliation were accepted.  It was resolved to approve the following payments; J Alldridge £50.00 and Village Hall £332.50.  The budget for 2021/22 was discussed and as the Tax Base had increased to 145 it was resolved to make a 2% increase in the precept for the coming financial year.  An application for funding from Citizens Advice Lindsey was declined.

20/052] Reports from Outside Bodies.  

Cllr Cullen advised he was still waiting for a reply from Highways regarding the issues discussed on Strubby Road, but he would check again now the Christmas period is over.  The proposed footpath/cycleway from Grange Leisure Park to the crossroads in Mablethorpe is to eventually go ahead now that Mablethorpe Town Council have agreed to take on the upkeep of 2 bus shelters to be constructed on the roadsides near to the site entrance.  A new TESCO store for Mablethorpe has also been approved which will provide new job opportunities, as will the proposed new Leisure Centre facilities.

20/053] Planning.

Application N/112/01759/20 Maltby Manor Cottage was noted and suitable comments had been submitted regarding the construction of the proposed replacement/new windows.  Application N/112/01744/20 Land off Beesby Road has been amended and approved.  It now appears the provision of a new entrance will not require the bus shelter to be demolished.

20/054] Date of next meeting.

The Council agreed to set 9 March 2021 as the date for the next remote meeting.


Meeting closed at 8.07pm.