APM minutes 2019


Minutes of the Maltby le Marsh Annual Parish Meeting held on Tuesday, 12 March 2019 at 7.00pm in the Village Hall, Main Road.

1] The Chairman, Cllr D Whitehouse, welcomed Cllrs B Williams, J Richmond, S Harrison, G Cullen, the Clerk and two members of the electorate.  Shortly after the start of the meeting, another member of the public arrived.

2] Notes of the last meeting were thought a true record and resolved as the minutes, signed by the Chairman.

3] There were no reports on outstanding matters.

4] The Chairman of the Parish Council started his annual report by sincerely thanking his fellow Councillors for their support throughout the year in particular Vice-chairman Brenda for her wise counsel.  Also, very grateful thanks to the clerk for his due diligence on all matters.  Cllr Sandra Harrison has been a regular attender keeping us up to date with ELDC and thanked her for a further supply of bulbs which give the village an attractive look at this time of year.  He also thanked Cllr Graham Cullen for his regular attendances, appraising us of County matters and happenings in Mablethorpe.

It has been a relatively quiet year, holding only 6 meetings as August’s meeting had to be abandoned as it was inquorate.  Hopefully this situation can be avoided in the future.  Special thanks were given for Philip’s pressure in helping to finally obtain a superfast broadband service for the village.  Further footpath works have been undertaken, an extra width of path being unearthed opposite the Stables Restaurant.  Sadly, when the path opposite the Willows was finally cleared by Highways, it was done so poorly that it is now no longer walkable.

The annual Garden Competition for the Anne Graves Cup was won by Sue and Phil Baildon of Moonraker with Paulette and Gordon Pack of Shepherds Dene coming second.  Our thanks to Woodthorpe Garden centre for their continued sponsorship and judging.  We continue to administer the Anne Bolle’s Foundation but there were no applications for grants this year.  Several planning applications have been considered as well as two preserved tree works with site meetings being held and responding accordingly.  Our support for the Dames Veld development has been vindicated by the inspectorates overturning of ELDC’s refusal.

There was a water leak near the Turks Head for some 4 weeks in August which was eventually fixed by Anglian Water.  They claim Highways refusal to allow works during the day on the busy road had delayed efforts to fix the problem.  The footway lights are now all LED and a replacement post has been installed at number 5 with the former concrete post removed.  The Chairman concluded his report by thanking Pearl and Susan for their continued litter picks, John Alldridge for the excellent newsletters and his helpers delivering them, Jane Grey for auditing the accounts, Robert Aldrich who does more and more each year, and finally Pearl and Brenda for keeping us refreshed.

5] The clerk reported the Council had kept a tight rein on spending, coming in well under budget increasing the reserve to help cover the cost of any election expenses in May now that the parish have to contribute towards the cost of an election.  Fortunately, the expected costs involved with the new General Data Protection Regulations have not yet materialised and the Council has been able to keep increases to the precept at low levels, 2% for this financial year and 1% for the coming year.

6] The condition of the local roads was again raised, especially the poor state of Maltby Straight considering it is a major route for tourist traffic.  Also, concerns were expressed about continual flooding at Bramble Corner every time it rains.  Work had been carried out in this area before but it has not cured the problem so the clerk was asked to report the situation to LCC Highways and to the drainage officer at ELDC.  

With no further matters put forward the meeting closed at 7.20pm.