image of the old mill

Old Mill House takes its name from the flour mill and milling business that were the origins of the property.  Although long since disused, the Grade II Listed mill tower still dominates the house and associated buildings.  The Louth firm of Saundersons built the Maltby le Marsh mill in 1841 which worked by wind power until 1952, but then by engine for a few more years until its demise.  Like many Lincolnshire mills, its ironware was taken for scrap at the end of its working life.  The sails and ogee cap were removed at the same time.  The 3 pairs of “French” millstones were salvaged in 1978 for use in other mills.  All that remains now of the mill’s machinery is the large, vertical, timber drive shaft that used to turn the millstones.  A replica ogee cap and basic windows were fitted to the tower in the mid 1980’s, as a means of weather proofing the otherwise deteriorating structure.  Today, the mill tower is dry and for the most part sound awaiting a new chapter in its life.