The Anne Bolles Educational Foundation is a small registered charity (No 529347) set up many years ago to support the education and religious training of the children and young people in the parish of Maltby le Marsh.  The current Foundation is the result of the amalgamation of various local charities and is now administered by the Parish Council.  Income accrued from the small holdings can be used for the educational benefit of children in the village in the form of small grants, applications will be considered by the trustees at the Annual Meeting in November.  Grant application forms can be obtained from the Chairman of the Parish Council and should be returned by the end of October.

Anne Bolles was a spinster of Maltby-Le-Marsh. Upon her death she bequeathed the rents and profits from a local farm of some 70 acres, to run a free school in the village. Her charity was established on 26 April 1705. The monies paid for ‘a fit person who should be a Schoolmaster to teach the poor children of Maltby-Le-Marsh their Catechism and to read the Holy Bible’. A survey in 1836 showed 10 boys were being instructed in ‘reading, writing and the simple elements of arithmetic’. During winter periods this number rose as high as 20. The charity was re-established on 14 February 1929 under the Chairmanship of the then rector Reverend H B Fairclough. At the second meeting in July 1929 a grant of £20 was given to Beesby School on the ‘understanding that the sanitary conditions at the School were made good’.