Response from Anglian Water

Anglian Water have responded to the latest planning application in the village.

Please be advised that the planning application is now with our engineers to carry out a capacity assessment on the Anglian Water network for the proposed development. Our reference number for this application is PLN-0150824.

We will be sending you our planning application response when the capacity assessment is completed.

Please note that our engineers when carrying out their capacity assessment they take into account the additional foul flows from the development to be discharge into our network. They also take into account the existing developments as well any incidents of flooding that are network capacity related incidents. The available capacity within the network and within our water recycling centre will be dependent upon the development proposal, location of any connection point and proposed discharge rates proposed by the applicant. Please note we don’t consider the incidents of flooding that are not related to capacity in our network such as blockages caused by non-flushable as well as network operational issues that are not related to capacity. Such issues will need to be reported to our operations team on 0345 714 5145 who will visit the area to investigate these issues.

Published: Monday, 18th July 2022